Cantina T.E.S.S.A.R.I IT

A family owned small farm located on the hills nearby Verona, home to some of the best wines coming from Veneto region. The winemaking team have been tending for decades to their Garganega grapes, which is the only grape variety they craft their elegant whites from.

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  1. Country Italy
    Region Soave DOC
    Grape Garganega

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    Grisela Soave Classico DOC

    Crafted on the volcanic hills nearby Verona, this Soave is showing the minerality, floral aromas and citrus fruit typical of the Garganega grape. Light and refreshing with balanced acidity, excellent pairing for appetizers, cod fish and black ink squid pasta.

    Wine type: White Wine
    Vintage: 2019

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