Pascual Toso ARG

Family-owned since 1890, Pascual Toso winery was founded in the Barrancas region at the foot of the Andes by an Italian winemaker from Piedmont, Italy. Thanks to the supervision of consultant winemaker Paul Hobbs, Pascual Toso succeeds to deliver a consistent style of intense flavours and gentle tannins in their reds while being also the largest sparkling wine producer in Argentina after Moët & Chandon.

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  1. Country Argentina
    Region Mendoza
    Grape Sauvignon Blanc
    ¥ 125

    Pascual Toso Estate Sauvignon Blanc

    The wine was matured for just over 12 months allowing enough time to add complexity & texture while retaining a crisp lightness. A fragrant nose of green apple, hints of orange peel & roasted almonds. The palate offers fresh & citrus flavors perfect for an aperitif or to enjoy on a warm afternoon.

    Wine type: White Wine
    Vintage: 2018

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