Riebeek Valley Wine SA

Established in 1941, the team of wine experts at Riebeek Valley Wine Co focus on two fundamental ideas – to produce wines that are an authentic expression of the special Swartland terroir and to preserve the heritage and specific identity of Swartland and Riebeek Valley, by empowering the local communities through cooperative practices and apply sustainable ways from vineyard to glass in order to preserve the territory and its biodiversity.

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  1. Country South Africa
    Region Swartland
    Grape Chardonnay
    ¥ 130

    Riebeek Chardonnay

    This lively, unwooded Chardonnay from Swartland is dry yet fruit-driven, with yellow stone fruit and a persistent citrus finish. Brilliant when chilled and served along with rich fish, poultry and even pork dishes.

    Wine type: White Wine
    Vintage: 2021
  2. Country South Africa
    Region Swartland
    Grape Shiraz / Syrah
    ¥ 130

    Riebeek Shiraz

    From the Riebeek Valley in Swartland - often referred to locally as Shiraz Country - this Shiraz offers rich black fruit layered with spicy on a smooth, velvety palate. Best with red meats and slightly spicy dishes.

    Wine type: Red Wine
    Vintage: 2020

Items total 2