Browse our extensive selection of TWP branded wine accessories and select your favourite tools for your events and gifting. Accessories need to be ordered together with the wines.

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  1. ¥ 50

    TWP Cooler Bag

    Size: L11cm x W10cm x H34.5cm
    Material: Black oxford fabric + gold foil chilling liner
    TWP metallic gold logo

    Stylish cooler bag made from premium materials for maintaining the bottle temperature during transportation. You will never be embarrassed to enter a restaurant again with this designer wine bag which doubles as an elegant gift option.

  2. ¥ 30

    TWP Bottle Opener

    Size: L12.5cm x W3.5cm
    Material: Stainless steel + ABS
    TWP white logo

    A smart heavy duty & easy to use bottle opener with an ergonomic black handle. Brush-finished on the top silver metal part. We never leave home without this gadget.

  3. ¥ 10

    TWP Plastic Stemless Wine Glass

    Size: Φ8cm x H10cm
    Material: Transparent PET
    TWP white logo

    360ml reusable plastic glass, offering you an optimal solution for your outdoor events, BBQ, picnics, family outings & travel. These handy stemless glasses are really enjoyable to drink from. Hand-wash only.

  4. ¥ 25

    TWP Ice Bag

    Size: L12cm x W12cm x H26cm
    Material: Transparent (non-toxic) PVC
    TWP white & red logo

    Cool & modern transparent ice bag with practical handles, to be filled with ice & water to chill your wine on-the-go, use at outdoor events or on your table as ice bucket. Easy to fold & store.

  5. ¥ 10

    TWP Gift Bag

    Size: L20cm x W11cm x H36cm
    Material: 250g Art Paper
    TWP white & red logo

    A simple & elegant gift bag with stylish red grosgrain ribbon handles, reinforcement board on the top & bottom for extra strength, designed to fit 2 bottles including sparkling wines. Gloss finish to protect the surface from dampness & scuff marks.

  6. ¥ 25

    TWP Bottle Thermometer

    Size: Φ6cm
    Material: Stainless steel + thermometer strip
    TWP black logo

    A modern designed matt silver bottle thermometer showing wine information & suggested serving temperatures for different types of wine.

  7. ¥ 30

    TWP Glass Cleaning Cloth

    Size: L50cm x H70cm
    Material: Soft Polyester
    TWP white & red logo

    This stylish glass cleaning cloth is perfect to clean the dust or watermarks from your glasses ensuring everything is perfect for your next party or event. Thin material to ensure it fits easily into any glass unlike traditional tea towels.

  8. ¥ 5

    TWP Pouring Disk

    Material: PET foil coated aluminum
    Size: Φ7.5cm
    TWP black & red logo

    Rounded foil coated aluminum pouring disk to be inserted in the neck of the bottle, to prevent wine spills when pouring. Ensure your wine labels look beautiful throughout your next dinner & wash with warm soapy water & re-use next time.

  9. ¥ 25

    TWP Fairy Light Cork Stopper

    Size: Φ2cm x Φ2.5cm x H4.7cm + 150cm Light Wire
    Material: ABS + PC
    TWP black logo

    Plastic cork with copper wire holding 15 white lights making the perfect stylish indoor or outdoor decoration for your home & parties. Replaceable battery holder with 3 batteries included.

Items total 9