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  1. Country South Africa
    Region Stellenbosch
    Grape Viognier
    ¥ 390

    The Idiom White Gold - Natural Sweet Viognier

    A beautiful golden naturally sweet Viognier with flavours of crème brulee, apricot blossom & smooth vanilla. Perfect when served as a rare sweet aperitif or a fine dessert wine. Pure luxury.....

    Wine type: Dessert Wine
    Vintage: 2014
  2. Country South Africa
    Region Franschhoek
    Grape Viognier
    ¥ 180

    La Bri Viognier Natural Sweet

    From ripen Viognier grapes comes this rich yet refreshing natural sweet wine, showing an exquisite floral nose with layers of peach and mango fruit.

    Wine type: Dessert Wine
    Vintage: 2016

Items total 2