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Atilius finds its roots in the elegance and traditional values of Italy, focusing on contemporary yet traditional wines crafted by capable Italian producers. Label created by Milestone Beverages, a Hong Kong-based enterprise who partners up with wineries all over the world to create quality brands for the international marketplace.

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  1. Country Italy
    Region Northern Italy
    Grape Blend - White
    ¥ 140

    Atilius Sparkling Rosé

    Crafted in the Italian countryside, this delicate blush sparkling is dry with a vibrant character. Its seductive flavour profile blooms with red berries nuanced by subtle floral notes, rounded out by a persistent mousse.

    Wine type: Sparkling Wine
    Vintage: NV
  2. Country Italy
    Region Chianti DOCG
    Grape Blend - Red
    ¥ 130

    Atilius Chianti DOCG

    Easy to drink and magnetic, with abundant fruit and black cherry aromas. The palate is smooth and velvety in texture. Best enjoyed in its youth, on its own or paired with a variety of International favourites . Extremely versatile wine.

    Wine type: Red Wine
    Vintage: 2017

Items total 2