Naked Run Wines AUS

Back in 2005, three friends decided to pull together their efforts and create Naked Run based in the Barossa region. Steve, Brad and Jayme met at university and followed separate career paths in the wine industry becoming a successful winemaker, a renowned viticulturist and a passionate wine sales person. The concept behind Naked Run is simple: make good wine, starting in the vineyard and finishing in the bottle.

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  1. Country Australia
    Region Barossa Valley
    Grape Grenache
    ¥ 170

    Naked Run The Aldo

    This wine tells a family’s history as it’s crafted from 80 year old Grenache vines planted by the winemaker’s grandfather Massimo as he immigrated from Italy and tendered by his father Aldo for his whole life. Soft & luscious Grenache with a small addition of Shiraz are combined in a medium to full body red showing lively flavours of raspberry and plum along with spicy notes.

    Wine type: Red Wine
    Vintage: 2017

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